View of embankments being made at Manchar lake. — Screengrab/File

Water levels remain high at Manchar lake, breaches made at two more sites

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View of embankments being made at Manchar lake. — Screengrab/File

SEHWAN: Despite a breach made on Manchar lake, water levels remain high following which the local authorities have decided to add more breaches at two other sites.

The provincial irrigation department said that water flow has continued from Balochistan, after which the lake’s water levels were recorded to have increased by 25 feet.

Sources said that water has been overflowing from Manchar lake’s RD-62 regulator gate in Bobak. Moreover, water pressure has not lessened at RD14 in Bagh-e-Yousuf, while the administration is deliberating to make breaches at RD-55 and RD-80.

It should be noted that a breach was made at RD-14 to decrease the incoming water pressure in Manchar — Pakistan’s largest lake.

The irrigation department said that once the breach is made, water will enter the Indus River while flowing in-between Kiranpur and Indus Link.

Following the increase in water levels in Manchar lake, there was a risk of the embankment being broken due to its pressure. The event could have increased the risk of five union councils drowning in Sehwan.

Residents of the areas at risk began migrating to safer places. Following the increase of water pressure in Mehar and Juhi’s ring embankments, locals tried to curb the water force using sacks stuffed with sand.

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