Executive Chairman of Meinhardt Dr Shehzad Nasim (left) and former finance minister Ishaq Dar. — Meinhardt/YouTube

Singaporean company chief praises Ishaq Dar’s economic policies

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Executive Chairman of Meinhardt Dr Shehzad Nasim (left) and former finance minister Ishaq Dar. — Meinhardt/YouTube

TOKYO: The top executive of an engineering company based in Singapore has heaped praises on the economic policies of former finance minister Ishaq Dar.

Dr Shehzad Nasim, the executive chairman of Meinhardt, said that not only did Dar’s policies help Pakistan out of tough times, but through them, it also ranked among the top 20 economies of the world.

“I believe that Ishaq Dar can play an important role in getting Pakistan out of economic problems in future as well,” the top official of the company told Daily Jang, whose company has built the second-highest skyscraper in Malaysia.

Shehzad said that his company has offices in more than 55 countries, while more than 70 projects of Meinhardt were underway across the world — including six commercial towers in the United Kingdom. He added that more than 5,500 experts were employed in his company, belonging to 24 different countries.

Meinhardt’s executive chairman said that in the past, he had presented a plan to former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to establish a smart city in Lahore but due to some hurdles, it could the project could not start.

Shehzad added that in Karachi, his company was working on the state-of-the-art high-rise building Creek Marina. “There were some issues regarding it, but they have now been resolved,” he added.

Talking about Pakistan’s situation, he said the country desperately needs a thriving democracy and political stability so that the people who have been suffering from economic problems for the last 70 years can finally get relief.

“The state of Pakistan should go beyond personal differences and give opportunities to the best people to serve the country — and for the Ministry of Finance, there is no better choice than Ishaq Dar,” he added.

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