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Lost belongings returned to woman three years later

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A Pakistani woman named Khadija took to Twitter last week to share a “bizarre story” of how she lost her bag containing her iPad, Kindle, and hard disk with her phone’s backup in 2018 at the Islamabad Airport — only for her to find them again three years later.

Khadija said a man from a small village in Jhelum, who owned a mobile shop and “barely made a living” found her belongings, searched the hard disk for a contact number and then called her to tell her that all the belongings were with him, India Today reported.

She provided screenshots of the messages between her and the man for proof.

“I was in awe of the honesty and integrity of that man but also of how bizarre the whole situation was,” Khadjia said in a tweet. “I never ever thought I was ever getting that stuff back in this country.”

Twitter users expressed their amazement at the man’s honesty.

“I hope his efforts were rewarded in this world,” wrote a user.

“Inspiring story” another user commented.

Another expressed that the incident restored her faith in humanity.

“These things make me want to believe in humanity. Its rare but still happens. I really appreciate that kind guy. May he get everything he wants and be happy and prosperous always” wrote one of the users.

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