TV remote control in persons hand. Unsplash

Indian woman nearly severs old mother-in-law’s fingers for switching off TV

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TV remote control in person’s hand. Unsplash

In a bizarre incident in India’s Maharashtra, a woman bit her mother-in-law’s fingers after the latter switched off the TV, India Today reported.

Vijaya Kulkarni, 32, was watching the television while Vrushali Kulkarni, 60, was reciting religious hymns in the house.

When the 60-year-old asked her daughter-in-law to turn down the volume, a fight broke out between the two. Eventually, enraged Vijaya grabbed her mother in laws hands and bit three of her fingers.

Reportedly, Vijaya also slapped her husband when he intervened to sort the matter.

Fortunately, the old woman’s fingers were not completely severed, officials reported.

Vrushali filed a police complaint against the 32-year-old after which a criminal offence was registered against her.

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