Mind-reading AI can analyse facial expressions and study brain waves.—Pixabay

China says it has developed mind-reading AI

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Mind-reading AI can analyse facial expressions and study brain waves.—Pixabay

Researchers at China’s Hefei Comprehensive National Science Centre claim they have developed an artificial intelligence system that has the potential to measure the loyalty of Communist Party members.

Daily Mail reported that the system can analyse the facial expressions of the members and study their brain waves. The AI will measure how responsive the members are to “thought education”.

A Chinese reporter, Didi Tang, said that a detailed article explaining the technology was uploaded and then deleted shortly afterward.

Reportedly, the article said: “It (the AI system) will provide real data for thought and political education so it can be improved and enriched.”

The AI will supposedly “solidify the confidence and determination” of the party members.

Forty-three Communist Party members are working with the research team, testing the technology.

Tang claimed that a video published with the article was also deleted.

In the video, a researcher could be seen entering a booth and reading articles that promote party policies and achievements.

“The booth can see the researcher’s expressions, possibly through surveillance cameras,” Tang said.

However, it is unclear how exactly the technology works.

Daily Mail also reported that the technology is not exactly brand new to China.

In 2018, South China Morning Post reported that similar technology was used by a factory to read workers’ emotions and detect the development of depression, anxiety, or anger.

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