The Punjab assembly constituency of PP-241 map —

By-poll in PP-241 Bahawalnagar: PML-N fields a first-timer

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The Punjab assembly constituency of PP-241 map —

The Punjab Assembly constituency of PP-241 lost its representative after PML-N’s Kashif Mahmood was disqualified by the courts over bogus educational certificates.

Profile of the constituency

Population: 366,740

Total voters: 237,046

Male voters: 129,057

Female voters: 107,989

2018: In the 2018 general election, PML-N’s Kashif Mahmood won with 49,005 votes, while the PTI’s Malik Muhammad Muzzaffar Khan lost with 44,737 votes.

Contesting candidates

On September 11, PTI is again fielding Muhammad Muzzaffar Khan. He will be up against PML-N’s Amanullah Sattar.

Who could win?

Muzzaffar Khan is a local leader of the PTI, and contested the election on the party’s ticket in 2013 from NA-190 and in 2018 from PP-241.

Amanullah Sattar has been associated with the PML-N since he started his political career. He is contesting for the first time. He is also the brother of PML-N’s MNA from Bahawalnagar, Ehsan Ul Haq Bajwa.

This is an urban area, where PTI enjoys a lot of support as it lost the election in 2018 with an electoral margin of only 4,000 votes.

A total of 38,569 new voters have been added to this constituency since the 2018 general election.

Constituency problems

There are no proper health facilities in the constituency forcing people to travel to the city to get basic medical treatments. There are areas where the sewerage and water line mix, polluting the water.

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