A phone screen showing Twitters new logo on Musks Twitter handle with the older Twitter logo in the background. — AFP/File

X website, app face temporary disruption in Pakistan

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A phone screen showing Twitter’s new logo on Musk’s Twitter handle with the older Twitter logo in the background. — AFP/File

X (formerly Twitter) faced a temporary disruption in Pakistan for more than an hour when the nation awaited the remaining election results.

Hundreds of users had reported to online usage tracking websites after facing trouble accessing the microblogging platform’s website and app on Saturday.

The platform remained inaccessible to several users on its website and app across the country for more than an hour, between 4pm and 5:30pm. The cause of the crash was not yet known.

More than 400 users have reported the inaccessibility to the website and app, according to DownDetector, detailing that most complaints up to 58% were lodged regarding problems in using X via app, and 23% of users faced problems on the website.

A screengrab of Downdetector taken at 5:30pm
A screengrab of Downdetector taken at 5:30pm

Another online usage tracker, Netblocks also confirmed that the live metrics show a nation-scale disruption to X/Twitter across Pakistan.

However, the users managed to get access to the platform after 5:30pm.

The same genre of outages had been reported globally earlier this month after users were unable to load tweets, and many others were only able to see older posts.

The users in other countries — including Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkiye and Germany — had also reported facing problems with Elon Musk’s platform.

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