WhatsApp tests new AI selfie generator tool

WhatsApp tests new AI selfie generator tool

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Meta is integrating another AI element into WhatsApp with a new image creation tool that allows users to place themselves in fantastical scenes for their profile pictures. The “Imagine Me” feature, as seen in a screenshot posted by Android Authority, will enable users to create AI-powered variations of their profile images based on text prompts.

To use the feature, users simply upload a selfie or a collection of selfies and type in “Imagine me…” followed by the desired setting.

According to Android Authority, “Although not available yet, a leaked screenshot of the feature indicates that you’ll be asked to upload a handful of reference selfies when you first opt into the feature. The Meta AI chatbot will then create new images that ‘imagine’ yourself in different environments ‘like a forest or outer space.'”

The process is reminiscent of Snapchat’s “Dreams” selfie generation tool, which also allows users to generate AI variations of themselves and place their faces into different scenarios and personas.

While this addition could provide more creative options for WhatsApp’s billions of users, it is not seen as a groundbreaking feature. Meta previously added its AI chatbot to Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp in April. However, the chatbot has yet to significantly transform the user experience.

Meta continues to experiment with AI features, including the option to create an AI version of oneself, as it aims to become a leader in the AI space. However, questions remain about whether these features offer more than novelty value and if they will genuinely enhance platform engagement.

Despite the fun and creativity these tools bring, Meta appears to be seeking a more substantial use case for AI, given its significant investment in AI development.





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