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What is the name of cricketer Sarfaraz Ahmed’s bull?

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Sarfaraz Ahmed’s cow is to be sacrificed this eid. — Video screengrab

Once again the time has come when former Pakistan team captain Sarfaraz Ahmed becomes part of the headlines — and for all the right reasons.

Around Eid-ul-Azha, Sarfaraz’s fans wait for his sacrificial animal to arrive at his place. Spectators then continuously visit to see how it is faring.

Sarfaraz’s sacrificial animals are raised with great love and proper nutrition which add to their beauty.

This time Sarfaraz will sacrifice a bull called “Chashma” which has been raised at a farm.

Take a look at this beauty:

Meanwhile, Geo Super reached out to the caretaker of Chashma and a close friend of Sarfaraz, Rana Adnan, to know the special features of the animal.

“We have fed it throughout the year to make it this giant [that you see],” Adnan told Geo Super. “It consumed milk and all necessary food a bull needs. We have taken care of it just like we would a child,” he added.

Chashma is a big white bull with black patches on his back and around both eyes, and with black ears.

Sarfaraz has also bought two bulls for next year’s Eid-ul-Azha. These bulls will be taken care of at Adnan’s farm till next year.

cricketer Sarfaraz Ahmed

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