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A live interview with Pakistan’s foremost journalist, the Editor-in-Chief of The Friday Times and former caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab, Najam Sethi. After the fast moving and perplexing political crisis in Pakistan hit the world’s television screens yesterday, with ramifications that will continue for weeks if not months, the question everyone wants the answer to is what next? What are the indications from the Supreme Court, which is holding emergency hearings into the legality of the Deputy Speaker’s dismissal of the no confidence motion and the President’s dissolution of the National Assembly? Do the people of the country believe Imran Khan’s claim that American State department officials conspired with opposition politicians to overthrow his government? What are the implications for the four provincial assemblies? Where does the army stand on this issue? And has Gen. Bajwa’s landmark speech at the Islamabad Security Dialogue on Saturday (2nd) clearly indicated differences with Imran Khan over relations with the United States and India as well as Pakistan’s attitude to the crisis in Ukraine? These are just some of the questions that will be addressed in this live interview.

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