To all deserving dads, with love

To all deserving dads, with love

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Father’s Day, although celebrated on the third Sunday of every June, usually passes by without making much noise, just like fathers who refrain from talking about their own contributions in the household. But while it is now an almost forgotten holiday for some, local celebs, specifically women, made sure to pen some heartwarming wishes for their dads, acknowledging all their sacrifices and love. There were also a handful of male figures who took out the time to remember their caretakers. While others wished mothers who’ve had to perform dad duties in the absence of a support system, directing our attention to people who cannot celebrate Father’s Day for various reasons.

“Happy Father’s Day to this man on the left! My main man,” wrote VJ Anoushey Ashraf in an Insta post dedicated to her father. “My pillar of support. I love you, dad. Missing you and mom aplenty!” she added. She went on to say a prayer for fathers everywhere. “May all our dad’s keep healthy and happy for many years to come!”

Actor Aiman Khan, who lost her father in December 2020, shared a loved-up photo of herself and her sister Minal Khan with their father. The caption of her post was heartbreaking. Sharing words from Vital Signs’ Aitebaar, she wrote, “Aitebaar bhi aa he jayega, Milo tou sahi.. dhoop me khara jal raha hun saya do mujhe.. nobody can ever love me like you. Happy Father’s Day, can’t wait to meet you.”

Singer Aima Baig shared a baby photo of herself in the embrace of her father on her Insta Stories to write, “Hi daddy, happy Father’s Day to you. I don’t know what I would do without you.” The artist playfully added, “So stop eating too much sugar and take care of yourself for me because I love you!” Sharing another photo, she added, “The light to my darkness, my baba.”

To all deserving dads, with love

Actor Ushna Shah, on the other hand, wished her mother a happy Father’s Day for playing the role of both parents in the absence of a support system. Sharing a post that read: “Respect to all moms doing double the duty because of men failing to do their part as dads,” she wrote, “Jokes aside, happy Father’s Day Mama! Three full-time jobs and you never pampered yourself. You gave us everything and raised us not to be serial killers. You’re the MVP.”

Adnan Siddiqui, albeit, had a lot to say about his late father. Sharing a video of him on a hospital bed, Siddiqui wrote, “Abba adored his grandchildren. Out went the strict disciplinarian he was with us, in came a softie granting them concessions. He had a knack to strike a very judicious balance between being harsh with them (if required) and spoiling them rotten. An equation I don’t think I’ll master ever. He left us a few years ago but what he taught to my kids will stay with them forever.”

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