iPhone hack for long battery life. — India Times/File

This iPhone hack will ‘guarantee unlimited battery health’

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iPhone hack for long battery life. — India Times/File

Apple iPhones are notoriously known for their poor battery life especially after the new IOS update, people have been complaining about the battery draining fast, New York Post reported. 

A tech enthusiast by the user id @t_sply on TikTok has shared an iPhone hack that will surely shock you.

He claims to have found a full proof hack that provides devices with “unlimited power.”

T-SPLY’s clever hack promises you’ll “never run out of juice.”

T-SPLY came across this potential trick while exploring iPhone settings, he said in his video that others may already be aware of this trick.

He later shared his discovery with his followers and posted a comprehensive tutorial on his TikTok account, outlining steps to achieve an “unlimited cell phone battery”.

How to use the hack?

Go to iPhone settings, tap “Accessibility” and choose “Display and Text Size”. From there, turn on the “Reduce White Point” setting. Toggle with the slider, and adjust according to your preference.

The only down side to doing this is that reducing “White Point” setting will make it harder for you to use your phone in bright settings such as under sunlight.

However, in iPhone phones, “Reduce White Point” and “Brightness” are two different options, and you can find the right balance between both to achieve a longer battery life as well as see your phone screen without any trouble. 

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