Sajal Aly, Malala voice concerns about elections

Sajal Aly, Malala voice concerns about elections

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Sajal Aly took to her Instagram Stories to comment on the state of the Pakistani elections. With many twists and turns, the political arena has been a hotbed of activity and emotionally charged discourse as of late. The actor took to her IG Stories to share her insights regarding the same.

“There have been many changes since the night till now,” said the star in Urdu. She added the clapping emoji alongside. In her next IG Story, the actor shared Laga Reh Shehzad’s Roy famed song that touches upon the state of Pakistan, its political representatives, and the people residing in the nation. Lauding the singer for having it right all the way back when, Sajal tagged Shehzad and said in Urdu, “Your concern was accurate. Sad.”

Furthermore, the talented actor managed to find a silver lining among all this. She stated in Urdu, “However, the good news is that today, the entire nation is concerned about the nation. Keep at it!” The message underscored the fact that despite sociopolitical turmoil, the country had reached a point where its people were fighting back for their voices to be heard loud and clear. 

Sajal Aly, Malala voice concerns about elections

Sajal Aly, Malala voice concerns about elections

However, Sajal was not alone in expressing her opinion on the matter. Famed activist and Noble Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai also took to X to share her thoughts on the ongoing electoral process. “Pakistan needs free and fair elections, which includes transparency in counting votes and respect for the results,” said Malala. 

She added, “I believe today, as I always have, that we must accept the voters’ decision with grace. I hope our elected officials, whether in government or opposition parties, will prioritise democracy and prosperity for the people of Pakistan.”

As the matter continues to unfold, it is yet to be seen what reaction the outcome will bring, when it is announced. With increasing international interest in the electoral process, Pakistanis are waiting with bated breath to witness what transpires. 

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