A monkey sits on a pavement outside Indias Parliament building in New Delhi, India, November 15, 2018. — Reuters/File

Monkey throws 4-month-old baby off three-storey building, infant dies on spot

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A monkey sits on a pavement outside India’s Parliament building in New Delhi, India, November 15, 2018. — Reuters/File

A four-month-old baby boy was killed after being thrown off the rooftop of a three-storey building by a monkey in front of his parents in India’s Bareilly, NDTV reported.

The affected parent, Nirdesh Upadhyay, said that the incident took place when he and his wife were taking a stroll on the terrace of their house and a troop of monkeys appeared.

The couple tried to shoo the monkeys away but they encircled Nirdesh, who was carrying the baby. He, however, tried to run towards the stairs but dropped the baby in panic and before he could pick it up back, a monkey grabbed the child and threw him down the rooftop.

According to India TV, Bareilly Chief Conservator of Forests Lalit Verma said that a team of forest department has been sent to conduct an investigation into the matter.

As per Daily Mail, Uttar Pradesh is home to a huge population of rhesus monkeys, which roam freely across the state’s towns and residential areas.

“Although the primates are generally able to live in relative harmony alongside the humans who reside in these settlements, there are a number of documented cases of the monkeys attacking people, in particular children,” the publication states.

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