Minal joins trolls taking a dig at her Kylie Insta story snafu

Minal joins trolls taking a dig at her Kylie Insta story snafu

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Whether its being a good sport or an attempt to cover up her mistake, Minal Khan has finally responded to the chaos she created online after posting a cropped image of Kylie Jenner’s Instagram story as her own. A picture of a fruit salad tray became the most viral photo on Tuesday with people making jokes and memes on the actor’s copy pasting act while also schooling her for trying to fool all 9.2 million followers of hers.

Sharing one of the memes on her Instagram story, Khan became a participant of the jokes people were cracking online.

The meme was about people who screenshot other people’s Instagram Stories to put it up on their WhatsApp statuses, and she wrote, “So true. [It’s] soul satisfaction,” while laughing. While her sportsmanship proves she’s guilty of posting the reality star’s picture as her own, it also suggests that such antics aren’t a big deal for it.

Within minutes of Khan’s copied story on Monday morning, social media users pointed out her lazy effort at stealing pictures by sharing both pictures side by side– revealing that Khan actually just cropped the model’s name from the photo. Being an influencer and actor with a major following and copying a celebrity of a greater following, netizens didn’t know “whether to laugh or be appalled by the audacity.”

Some users were of the opinion that Khan has a “fetish to look elite.” While another seriously questioned if she thought people in Pakistan do not follow Jenner. In any case, Twitter received its fair share of meme fodder and many have since been re-posting the same food picture on their Insta handles in their own creative ways – way to go, Minal!

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