Image showing a sandwich. — Twitter/AllSandwiches

Man kills restaurant worker, injures other over too much mayonnaise in sandwich

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Image showing a sandwich. — Twitter/AllSandwiches

A customer killed a restaurant worker over a minor issue after she added too much mayonnaise to his sandwich, Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

The incident took place in Atlanta, United States. The argument arose between the worker and the customer which ended up with one of the workers dead and the other one in a hospital.

According to the owner of the restaurant Willie Glenn, the customer was mad about too much mayonnaise in his sandwich.

“Believe it or not, it was about too much mayonnaise in his sandwich,” said the owner.

The police said that the customer shot two employees working at the restaurant. The 26-year-old woman succumbed to her injuries while the 24-year-old has been admitted to the hospital and is in a critical condition.

The police have arrested the 36-year-old shooter.

“He decided to escalate the situation and from there — that’s when all hell broke loose,” added Glenn.

The owner further said that the victim’s five-year-old kid was inside the store when the incident took place. He added that the manager on duty tried to open fire on the customer, however, he missed it.

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