Latest petrol price

Latest petrol price

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ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister Miftah Ismail announced Wednesday that the government has decided to jack up the price of petrol from Rs24.03 to Rs233.89 per litre.

“The [government] will now bear no more losses on petroleum products,” the finance minister said during a press conference, asking the masses to bear the burden for a few months as the government had no other option.

Miftah said the new prices would come into effect from 12am on June 16.

Commodity Old price New price Change
Petrol  Rs209.86 Rs233.89 +24.03
Diesel  Rs204.15 Rs263.31 +59.16
Kerosene oil 178.31 Rs211.43 +33.12
Light diesel oil Rs181.94 Rs207.47 +25.53

“We know that people would suffer because of this, but we were helpless as the other path was the path of destruction. We will not take the country towards it,” the finance minister said.

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