150 bugs were found in the nose of a Florida man. — First Coast News/File

Jacksonville docs pull 150 wiggly maggots out of Florida man’s nose — He never smelled them

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“I started getting nose bleeds, constant nose bleeds,” says Florida man with 150 alive bugs in his nose

150 bugs were found in the nose of a Florida man. — First Coast News/File

Jacksonville surgeons extracted 150 live, larval bugs from a Florida cancer survivor’s nose and sinuses earlier last month.

The man, whose identity is unknown, had been feeling “off” since October, but he didn’t go to HCA Florida Memorial Hospital for assistance until his face and lips began to swell on February 9, according to First Coast News.

“I started getting nose bleeds, constant nose bleeds,” the man told First Coast News.

“I couldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom without my nose starting to bleed,” he added.

“When I went for the examination the doctor says, ‘I see movement,’” the man recalled.

When Dr David Carlson used a camera to check the man’s nose, he found that dozens of bugs were feasting on the inside of his sinus cavity and nose, shedding tissue and excrement, which is what caused the man’s inflammation.

“Size-wise, there’s variations, but the larger ones were as big as the end of my pinky,” Carlson said about the disgusting pests.

“There were certain larvae inside the nose that were scurrying around and looking for places to feed and others that had burrowed into tissue.”

According to Carlson, his crew first attempted to remove the bugs using a suction, but when it became clogged, they had to use other tools to remove them. Carlson added, “And those little buggers didn’t want to get evicted.”

Graphic film from the operating room, which shows the horrifying bugs crawling into the man’s face and their stomach-churning evacuation, was provided by First Coast News.

“They were right up against his skull base, right under the brain, had they gone through that it could have killed him,” Carlson explained.

An epidemiologist received the creepy crawlies to identify them.

After handling dead fish, the man surmised that the parasites orchestrated their invasion.

“I know that I have to change my lifestyle as far as I handle fish,” he told First Coast News.

“Before, I would rinse my hands in the river, now I’ll use cleaner to do a better job and not touch my nose or my hand,” he said. 

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