PTI Chairman Imran Khan is addressing the lawyers at the IHC bar. Photo: Geo.TV/ screengrab

Inflation to shot up by 30% due to massive hike in petroleum prices: Imran Khan

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PTI Chairman Imran Khan is addressing the lawyers at the IHC bar. Photo: Geo.TV/ screengrab 

ISLAMABAD:  Lashing out at the coalition government, PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday said that inflation will go up by 30% due to the massive hike in prices of petroleum products and it will affect the poor badly.

Addressing the lawyers in Islamabad, Imran Khan said that no prime minister could dare to devise an independent foreign policy if the nation does not take a stand over his ouster through a conspiracy.

 Imran Khan said that the more you bow before the US, the more they demand to “do more”.

“They will respect you if you take a stand for your national interests,” the PTI chairman said, adding that they will look down on you if you polish their shoes.

Reiterating the events related to his ouster from the PM Office, Imran Khan said that the US undersecretary of state for South Asia met with the Pakistani ambassador in Washington on March 7 and asked why did Imran Khan go to Russia and conveyed the anger of his country over the visit.

He threatened that Pakistan will have to face immense problems if Imran Khan was not removed through the no-confidence motion, which was even not tabled then.

“Pakistan would be forgiven if he is removed,” Imran Khan said quoting the US officials.

And then, our ally parties suddenly realised that it was the worst government and the opposition leaders started visiting the US embassy, Imran Khan added.

“Our turncoats were also visiting the US embassy and KP Minister Atif Khan was told the no-trust motion could be tabled against CM Mahmood Khan.

“The National Security Committee had also admitted the foreign interference. Should the cipher not be investigated,” asked Imran Khan.

The PTI chairman also criticised the coalition government over the recent massive hike in prices of petroleum products. Without giving details, Imran Khan said that he will do a “strong show” soon.

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