Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari speaking in National Assembly. Photo—PPP Twitter

Imran Khan can’t win election if institutions remain neutral: Bilawal Bhutto

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Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari speaking in National Assembly. Photo—PPP Twitter 

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister and PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Wednesday said former prime minister Imran Khan knew that he could not win the election if institutions remained neutral and this is why he is running a campaign so the institutions can act controversially as his ‘Tiger Force,’ Geo News reported.

While speaking on the floor of the National Assembly, foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto said this is the reason Imran Khan has been complaining on why the institutions are apolitical and neutral.

“Imran Khan wants institutions to not play their constitutional roles,” he added.

He also responded to the allegations of rigging in the recent local government elections in Sindh in which PPP emerged victorious and led by a clean majority.

Bilawal said there were some elements, parties or ‘puppets’ like Imran Khan present in Sindh, who always supported dictatorship.

“In local government elections, these elements were expecting that the institutions will not be apolitical and they will be controversial but it did not happen,” he added.

Bilawal Bhutto went on to say that such elements were worried during LG polls because institutions like the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and others, who take interest in elections, are now neutral and remained apolitical.

“Whenever there is a level playing field, PPP always performs well in the elections,” he said, adding that, “all opposition parties are well aware of the fact that in the next phase of the local body election, PPP will again make a clean sweep and opponents will find no place to escape and their bails will be confiscated.”

Bilawal Bhutto further said that PPP had been struggling to strengthen democratic norms in the country for the last three generations.

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