Vintage suitcases in Gardenia.— Unsplash

Human remains found in old suitcase bought at auction

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Vintage suitcases in Gardenia.— Unsplash
  • Police are trying to identify remains and have launched homicide probe.
  • Family not suspected.
  • Family bought “trailer load of goods” from local storage company.

A family in New Zealand’s South Auckland discovered human remains in the suitcases they bought from an auction at a storage facility, Stuff reported.

People who had bought the suitcases found the remains while unpacking the purchased items.

Police are trying to identify the remains and have launched a homicide investigation. The family is not suspected.

The family reportedly bought a “trailer load of goods” from a local storage company about a week ago. The goods included the said suitcases.

The BBC reported that it is common for bidders to not be allowed to inspect abandoned items before buying them.

Neighbours told local media they sensed a “wicked smell” from the property. One of the neighbours, who previously worked at a crematorium, recognised the smell to be of a body immediately.

“I knew straight away,” he said.

Police are currently prioritising the identification of the body so that matter can be understood better. 

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