Veo: Google’s New AI-Powered Video Generator. — Google

How powerful is Google’s upcoming AI-powered video generator

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Veo: Google’s New AI-Powered Video Generator. — Google

Google’s recent I/O event has introduced several upcoming AI features. Google’s latest and upcoming AI-powered video generator, Veo, is among the highlights of the event.

Veo is Google’s answer to OpenAI’s Sora.

Users can create high-quality 1080p clips. Users will be allowed to create videos longer than a minute. Users will be able to create a video by utilising text, images, and video prompts.

It promises a powerful and enjoyable experience for creative experimentation. Veo’s ability to apply a range of cinematic styles and understand natural language terms like “timelapse” and “aerial shots” adds to its appeal.

Google asserts that Veo-generated videos will be more consistent, coherent, and realistic compared to other tools. Users can extend the video length with a simple click. Additionally, users can refine results by adding more prompts.

Google is also exploring features for generating storyboards and longer videos, enhancing Veo’s capabilities. Google has created a tool that’s not only impressive but also fun to use.

Veo will be available to some select creators later this year, with a waitlist now open. However, sign-ups are region-specific.

Google also plans to integrate some Veo features into YouTube Shorts, but it’s too early to say how this will pan out.

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