Karachi Administrator Murtaza Wahab addressing a press conference. — PPI/File

Hosting tape-ball tournament ‘positive sign’ for Karachi, says Murtaza Wahab

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Karachi Administrator Murtaza Wahab addressing a press conference. — PPI/File

KARACHI: Karachi Administrator Murtaza Wahab termed the presence of crowds and the holding of the first-ever International Tape Ball Cricket League (ITBCL) a “positive sign” for the city.

Speaking to Geo Super, Wahab appreciated the enthusiasm of Karachiites and said that it was a “fantastic feeling”.

“The weather is beautiful, the ground is filled with floodlights, and there is great cricket. A lot of people are here, including families, so it is a very positive sign,” he said.

Wahab, who himself is a cricket enthusiast, regretted arriving at the stadium at the “wrong time” and wearing the “wrong type of clothes.” He added that he would have joined the players had he been wearing the right clothes.

The administrator also added that while he does not watch tape-ball cricket a lot, he would like to play it whenever he gets a chance.

When asked what message he had for the people of Karachi, Wahan said: “I would tell Karachiites to own their city, resolve its issues, help the administration because it is our city.”

He went on to say that the positive side of Karachi was deliberately tarnished, so it was necessary for the people of Karachi to revive the positive image of the city.

“We want to project a positive image of Karachi before the world,” he said.

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