Social activist and author Civic Chandran—NDTV

Harassment charge invalid in case of ‘provacative clothes’: Indian court

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Social activist and author Civic Chandran—NDTV

NEW DELHI: A Kerala court has ruled that a sexual harassment charge will not be considered if the woman was “wearing sexually provocative clothes”, reported NDTV.

The court passed the remarks while granting bail to a social activist and author Civic Chandran who is accused of harassing a young writer.

Chandran, 74, allegedly sexually harassed the writer at a camp in Nandi Beach in early 2020.

The author applied for bail where he produced pictures of his accuser before the court.

After seeing the images, the Kozhikode Sessions Court that the allegation was not valid because of the woman’s sexually provocative dressing.

The court order said that the pictures revealed that the “…complainant herself was exposing to dresses which are having some sexual provocative one.”

The court expressed its disbelief as well, saying that it was not possible for the 74-year-old man who is physically challenged to force himself upon anyone.

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