Finance czar Ishaq Dar confident of bringing dollars value below 200

Finance czar Ishaq Dar confident of bringing dollar’s value below 200

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ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Monday assured of bringing the dollar below 200 against the rupee as he accused PTI Chairman Imran Khan of destroying the country’s economy.

Speaking during the Geo News’ programme Capital Talk, the finance minister said that the actual value of Pakistani rupee is less than 200 against the greenback and it will be brought down, as it is currently undervalued.

Commenting on Khan’s recent public addresses, Dar said: “Judging from his speeches, Khan seems frustrated.”

Suggesting how the PTI chief remains a “blue-eyed” boy, Dar said only Khan is destined for “deal and dheel (favouritism)”.

Further commenting on the PTI chairman’s political achievements, he said it is “a result of deals”.

“Imran Khan held the sit-in on the basis of a deal,” he said, adding that the PTI chairman held Islamabad “hostage” for 126 days, which also delayed the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project for one year.

Warning him of serious repercussions, Dar urged Khan to take him seriously and stay in his limits.

The finance minister further added that Khan and his entire team are obsessed with him because they fear that the PML-N will stabilise the economy of Pakistan once again as they did back in 2013.

Dar reiterated his suggestion that the country needs a charter of the economy.

“The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) is an independent institution and it does not involve in manipulative activities,” Dar said while replying to a question regarding PTI leader Hammad Azhar accusing the finance minister of manipulating the economic data.

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