Former prime minister Imran Khan (left) and PTI leader Fayyaz Chohan. — AFP/Facebook/File

Fayyaz Chohan claims terrorist hired to assassinate PTI Chaimran Imran Khan

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Former prime minister Imran Khan (left) and PTI leader Fayyaz Chohan. — AFP/Facebook/File

“Some people” have tasked a terrorist with assassinating PTI Chairman Imran Khan — who was removed from the prime minister’s office in April — claimed PTI leader Fayyaz Chohan.

The former provincial minister, in a tweet on Saturday, said: “I have details that some people have ordered a terrorist named Kochi in Afghanistan to assassinate PTI Chairman Imran Khan.”

Amid the rumours of threats to Khan, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif directed the Interior Ministry last month to provide water-tight security to the PTI chairman at his home in Islamabad and during political rallies.

In a jalsa last month, Khan revealed that there was a threat to his life, following which he recorded a video of the characters behind the “conspiracy” against his government, and if something happens to him, it will be released.

The ousted prime minister, in his address to a jalsa in Sialkot, said a “conspiracy” was being hatched to take his life and despite knowing about it earlier, he has now enough evidence to confirm it.

The PTI chairman, in light of the alleged plot to kill him, said he has recorded a video and stored it in a “safe place” in which he has mentioned each and every character that was behind the “conspiracy” to oust his government.

Before his ouster in April, then-information minister Fawad Chaudhry had also claimed that security agencies have reported an “assassination plan” against Khan.

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