Tesla might be laying off tens of thousands employees. — Reuters/File

Elon Musk’s cryptic message as major Tesla layoff on cards

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Tesla might be laying off tens of thousands employees. — Reuters/File 

Tesla chief Elon Musk posted a cryptic message on X, formerly Twitter, as rumours are rife that his company Tesla might be laying off employees.

Electrek reported that the automotive company has informed its employees at the Gigafactory Texas that it would cut back on the Cybertruck production, sparking reports of a layoff.

Several Musk-owned company staffers told the news website that they were hearing rumours of a major layoff this week. Reports suggested that it could be as many as 20% of the workforce, translating into tens of thousands of jobs.

Ahead of the news, Musk had posted a cryptic message on X. It showed that he was confused in making a decision. The meme showed that he was wondering whether to dismantle a pen or not — and he followed what his brain told him.

But this decision might not be as easy.

Elon Musks cryptic message as major Tesla layoff on cards

The layoff rumours came after Musk’s company had drawn the ire of its staffers as it delayed their delayed performance reviews and increased prices earlier this year.

Another setback that Tesla had faced was a drop in this quarter’s year-over-year deliveries. They were less than what even pessimistic analysts expected.

But Tesla isn’t the only tech giant that’s thinking about firing its employees as other major companies, including Apple, have laid off staffers recently. However, their intensity was less compared to what’s being rumoured now.

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