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Electricity supply from commercial feeders to be cut from 7-10pm across Pakistan: sources

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ISLAMABAD: In a major move, Power Division has decided to shut down commercial feeders from 7-10pm across the country in order to conserve energy amid soaring oil prices, it emerged Thursday.

According to a Geo News report, citing sources, the division took the decision to save electricity as part of the government’s plan to save fuel costs.

The source said that the Ministry of Energy has prepared a summary in this regard to seek the cabinet’s approval.

As per the details, the commercial feeders will not face loadsheding during daytime which would save approximately 5,000MW, the sources added.

“The supply will also be suspended to tube well feeders from 7pm to 11pm which will save 3,000MW electricity,” they said.

The Power Division will approach the cabinet and the prime minister to get approval for these measures which were prepared after shopkeepers refused to close markets early.

The development comes amid skyrocketing oil prices in the international market, making it difficult for the authorities to procure the fuel due to shrinking reserves.

Govt urges  for a united front 

Earlier in the day, Defence Minister Khawaja Asif emphasised on a united effort to face the current crisis in the country.

The defence minister said that a huge amount of electricity can be saved if people start their businesses early in the morning and close by Maghrib prayers. He said that saving electricity means saving oil.

“Neither will we have to use expensive oil that much and nor will the consumers have to bear the burden of expensive electricity if we do this,” he said, adding that it is just a fundamental change that people need to bring to their lives.

Asif went on to say that Pakistan will have to see what others around it are doing.

He said that 3,500 megawatts of electricity can be saved through this method and the amount will go over 4,000 MW if Karachi also follows it.

He, however, said that the traders are currently not willing to accept the suggestion.

“They accepted this during COVID-19 due to the fear of the virus,” he said.

The minister urged the government to impose the restriction with all its will and the people to accept it.

“It will benefit the common man and acquisition of commodities at lower prices would become a possibility.”

He said that the government will take the responsibility to lessen the inflation and difficulties of the common man. He said that the fuel prices would go down if the Russian-Ukraine war stops.

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