The baby named Pakora. — Facebook/File

Did UK couple name their baby girl ‘pakora’?

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The baby named “Pakora”. — Facebook/File

In Internet was recently divided after it surfaced that a couple had named their baby girl “pakora” which is the Urdu term for fritters. 

According to a news article by Khaleej Times, a famous eatery in Newtownabbey in Ireland — instead of promoting a new deal or addition to their menu — announced that a British couple who visits them regularly has named their newborn daughter after the fritters they offer as part of their South Asian cuisine.

The restaurant also shared a picture of the baby girl named “Pakora” on Facebook, captioning it as:

“Now this is a first… Welcome to the world Pakora! We can’t wait to meet you! xx.”

Screengrab of the Facebook post that contains the pictures of the baby and a bill that mentions the food item pakoras. — Facebook/File
Screengrab of the Facebook post that contains the pictures of the baby and a bill that mentions the food item “pakoras”. — Facebook/File

Netizens were amused to see the post. They extended their heartiest congratulations to the new parents and even wrote funny comments.

One user cited by the publication wrote:

“My favourite things to eat during my two pregnancies were banana popsicles and watermelon. Thank god, I used the sense I was born with and didn’t name my kids after them”.

Later on, however, India Today ran a fact-check and revealed that the couple had not named their daughter pakora.  “The entire thing was a funny joke made by a restaurant owner in the UK,” the article read.

Per the article, once the news went viral, and garnered a lot of attention from Netizens, the owner of The Captain’s Table, Hilary Braniff, issue a clarification and revealed that she had only joked about it just to “bring a little cheer to the industry due to the rising costs and increasing energy bills.”

She added that she the post was just meant to brighten up people’s day. Braniff claimed that she just wanted to share a post and brighten up people’s day.

According to the article, the baby in the photo was not even the child in question but the restaurant owner’s granddaughter named Grace. “I just thought I would do a post – my two favourite things in the world are chicken pakora and my baby granddaughter. I thought I would combine the two things for a bit of fun really,” she said.


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