The attack came after Israeli forces conducted airstrikes on Iran’s embassy compound in Damascus. — AFP

Could Iran’s attack on Israel spark World War Three?

by Pakistan News
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The attack came after Israeli forces conducted airstrikes on Iran’s embassy compound in Damascus. — AFP 

In a major escalation between one of the two regional heavyweights, Iran fired hundreds of drones and dozens of missiles towards Israel Sunday as Tel Aviv has been in the midst of its assault against innocent Palestinians, sparking concerns of World War Three.

The attack came days after Israeli forces conducted airstrikes on Iran’s embassy compound in Damascus, Syria killing two senior generals of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) among other 10 people, reported news agencies of Tehran.

Tehran said the attack was in retaliation to the Israeli strikes on Iran’s extraterritoriality, however, it remains unknown who conducted the attack on the Syrian compound.

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) also denied commenting on the April 1 attack.

Sunday’s attack marked the first time Iran used its soil to retaliate against Israel, as reports claimed that Tehran has been fighting the Zionist forces through its proxies in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Palestine.

The current stand-off comes after the major response by Hamas on October 7 last year against the decades-old Israeli brutality on Palestinian people, who have been stealing their lands and depriving them of their right to live.

Leaders all around the world have feared that the current event could embroil the other countries into World War III as the Israeli war on Gaza has been escalating on multiple fronts with Yemen, and Lebanon taking their respective measures in support of Palestinians.

The US is completely supporting Israel with President Joe Biden vowing with “ironclad” relationship. The UK also shot down Iranian drones to ensure the security of the Zionist state.

Iran considers Israel as its arch-foe since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 that toppled the US-backed Reza Shah regime. The oil-rich country also has refrained from bilateral ties with the US since then-president Donald Trump called off the Iranian Nuclear Deal in 2018 and imposed harsh sanctions.

Tehran has been working to ramp up its uranium enrichment to seek maximum security, however, experts said that nuclear weapons in the Middle East could spark a nuclear arms race, eventually leading to World War Three.

Israel said that 99% of weapons were intercepted, but the TRT report indicated some of the weapons hit Ramon Airport.

The regional tensions could spiral quickly if the retaliation continues bringing other international players, and great powers like Russia and the US into the fray who would fight to secure their interests in the Middle East.

Tehran’s permanent mission to the UN wrote on social media after the conclusion of the attack: “Should the Israeli regime make another mistake, Iran’s response will be considerably more severe.”

Sensing the delicacy of the situation or perhaps fears of World War Three, President Joe Biden unequivocally said the US would not support an Israeli attack on Iran.

In 2020, tensions were also high when the US strike killed Iranian IGRC General Qasem Soleimani in Iraq, prompting retaliation from Tehran, and striking US air bases. 

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