Motorcyclists moving amid light right rain in this file photo.

City likely to get drizzle in 24 hours

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Motorcyclists moving amid light right rain in this file photo. 

KARACHI: The metropolis is likely to get a drizzle in the next 24 hours, the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) said in its daily weather update on Tuesday.

The PMD has predicted that the weather will remain hot, humid and partly cloudy in the port city, with a chance of drizzling at night or early morning.

The minimum temperature was recorded at 28.5 degrees Celsius in the early hours today while the maximum temperature over the course of the day will likely be between 34 to 36 degrees Celsius, it added.

Meanwhile, humidity has been recorded at 75%, while winds are blowing from the southwest at 18 kmph.

First spell of pre-monsoon rainfall

On Monday, PMD’s Chief Meteorologist Dr Sardar Sarfaraz said that Karachi is likely to receive the first spell of pre-monsoon rainfall on June 22 or 23.

He said that Karachi is expected to receive light to moderate showers in this period.

“Monsoon downpours are expected to formally start in Karachi in end-June or in the initial days of July [this year],” he said, adding the country is likely to receive 10% to 30% more rains this year as compared to the previous seasons.

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