The picture shows newborn babies. — AFP/File

Children born through IVF perform better in school than through natural conception

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The picture shows newborn babies. — AFP/File 

Children born through In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) perform better than naturally-conceived children, although they are more prone to mental health issues in their teenage years than the latter, a study published in the European Journal of Population revealed.

To conduct the research, scientists examined and tracked medical records of more than 280,000 Finnish children between 1995 and 2000 aged over five years.

They recorded the educational and mental health outcomes of those born through medically assisted reproduction (MAR), including IVF.

Researchers found that compared to naturally conceived children, adolescents through MAR performed better in school and were less likely to drop out, face unemployment and leave home early.

But researchers also found that MAR-born children were more likely to face anxiety and depression in their adolescent years.

“Whilst we don’t have the data to explain why those born by medically assisted reproduction are at slightly higher risk of mental health disorders, we believe that this may be due to different mechanisms,” said lead author Dr Hanna Remes from the University of Helsinki.

The researchers attribute the increased mental health risks linked to family characteristics, although they admit there is more research needed to find a solid explanation.

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