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Bani Gala janitor alleges he was tortured: Islamabad police

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The logo of Islamabad police. — Twitter/ File

ISLAMABAD: An janitor working at Imran Khan’s Bani Gala residence, who was handed over to the police, alleged on Sunday that he was “tortured by Gilgit Baltistan police officials deployed at the PTI Chairman’s Islamabad home”.

In the statement, the Islamabad Police confirmed that a man named Ashir, who is a resident of sector G-8 of the federal capital, was handed over to the law enforcement agency. He was present near the barrier set up outside the gate of the former premier’s residence.

The police said that Ashir had been working as a janitor at the Bani Gala House for five years, adding that they were not informed by PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Shahbaz Gill or anyone from Bani Gala House of the presence of a “suspicious person” therein.

However, the police said that Ashir, in a statement recorded to the law enforcement agency, said that Gill and Khan’s employees had kept him in custody for two days”.

“GB police officials deployed at Imran Khan’s residence tortured me. Neither has Shahbaz Gill returned the mobile and CNIC he confiscated from me,” the janitor told the police.

Furthermore, the Islamabad Police said that none of the PTI leaders or Khan’s representative had informed them or made any requests about the incident.

“If Imran Khan or any employee does not make any request, then how will the police take action,” they said. On the alleged torture and snatching of personal belonging, the police said that they will pursue the case if Ashir files an application.

On the other hand, the police also complained that the list of people employed at the Bani Gala has not been shared with them as of yet.

“Islamabad Police had made multiple requests to Imran Khan to share the list of employees. Identifying employees working at Bani Gala House is a challenge for the law enforcement agencies,” said the police.

They added that till the police do not get a hold of the list of employees they cannot run background checks.

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