Wahab Ali Bugti — the singer who rose to fame after Coke Studio song Kana Yaari. — Twitter

Balochistan floods destroy ‘Kana Yaari’ famed Wahab Ali Bugti’s house

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Wahab Ali Bugti — the singer who rose to fame after Coke Studio song “Kana Yaari”. — Twitter

Heavy rains and floods have severely affected the lives of the people in Balochistan, with hundreds dead and thousands of homes destroyed.

Among those thousands was the house of Wahab Ali Bugti — the singer who rose to fame after Coke Studio song “Kana Yaari“. He has been living under the clear sky for quite some days in Balochistan’s Nasirabad.

In conversation with Geo Digital, the singer said he has been living in Nasirabad since 1998 and his house was made of mud — which has now been destroyed.

“My house was swept away two days back in flash floods. I was living under the blue sky with no roof along with eight of my children,” Bugti said.

Fortunately, yesterday afternoon, his friend gave him a place to stay. Wahab lamented that not only had he lost his house, but his rice crops were also destroyed in the floods.

Did Coke Studio or government help?

Bugti further said that military personnel are extracting water in his area, but due to the rains, their systems have also been shut down and communication cut off.

Apart from that, the government has not yet contacted him.

Bugti said that he informed music producer Abdul Jabbar Khan (aka Zulfi) about the gravity of the situation, following which he posted the matter on social media.

“After that, some money started coming into my account,” he said, appreciating people at Coke Studio.

Celebrities, politicians call for helping Bugti

Kaifi Khalil, Bugti’s co-singer in the famous Coke Studio song, posted a story on his Instagram seeking help and donations for his fellow colleague.

“[Donate] as much as you can. Please help him if you live near him or are in touch with him,” Khail wrote on his Instagram, adding: “Lots more prayers for you Wahab bhai.”

The singer also provided the details of Bugti’s bank account so that people could donate funds directly to him.

Balochistan floods destroy Kana Yaari famed Wahab Ali Bugtis house

Dawn Images reported that Khalil has verified the images and spoken to Bugti as well. The singer is currently residing at his friend’s home.

Motivational speaker Muniba Mazari termed the development “heartbreaking”.

“This is brother Wahab Bugti & this is what he’s going through right now. Allah Rehm!”

“Let’s help in whatever ways we can. May Allah make things easier for us all!” she tweeted later.

Senator Sarfarzaz Bugti, taking to Twitter, said that the Coke Studio singer is stuck in the devastating floods in Dera Bugti.

And just like him, Bugti said, thousands of Baloch people are facing difficulties and looking towards “Pakistani brothers and sisters for help”.

In light of the destruction, the provincial government Monday announced to close schools in Balochistan. The total death toll in Balochistan has now climbed to 225.

Balochistan’s education department has said that all government and private educational institutes will remain closed from August 22 (today) to August 27.

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