Azhar apologises for posting video in Muharram

Azhar apologises for posting video in Muharram

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Singer Asim Azhar has been trending on social media after his latest song Habibi went viral on all social media platforms with dance challenges and nods from the noted Indian rapper Badshah. The Jo Tu Na Mila singer has also participated in his Habibi TikTok dance challenge and creates videos grooving to his own song. However, one of his videos, given how time-sensitive they were, received comments reminding the singer about Muharram’s beginning.

After immediately taking the video off his Instagram, Azhar penned a formal apology to his fans and followers for not realising the time of the year and promised to return in some time.

“I’m sorry guys, I didn’t realise that Muharram has started from tonight. I always avoid posting especially during the first 10 days of Muharram. Therefore, I have deleted the recent post that I just shared. See you after some time here.”

However, Muharram aside, Azhar’s catchy ballad, Habibi got Badshah to slide into the Pakistani singer’s DMs. On Friday, Azhar shared a screenshot of the chat he had with the artist on his Instagram Stories. Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, known by his stage name Badshah, messaged the Ghalat Fehmi writing, “Tripping on Habibi.” He added the 100 emoji and a red heart emoji. The Jo Tu Na Mila singer replied, “Means so much coming from you brother.”

To this, Badshah added, “Kya hi bana diya bhai, khatam melody. What a song you’ve made bro, the melody is great!” Azhar thanked him saying, “Lots of love, big bro!” Badshah sent a folded hands emoji, used to show respect.

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