The iPhone Flip could be Apples first foldable phone. — Toms Guide/File

Apple set to launch foldable iPhones by the end of this year?

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The iPhone Flip could be Apple’s first foldable phone. — Toms Guide/File

Rumours about foldable iPhones have been going around for quite some time now; however, this time it seems like the idea of a folding iPhone may not be as far-fetched as you may think, Toms Guide reported.

As per reports going around, Apple and Samsung have allegedly joined hands to develop new foldable iPhones. 

Reports suggest that Apple wants to buy folding displays from Samsung, the king of folding phones. Samsung also supplies Apple with MacBook and iPhone screens.

It is currently not known whether the device will be horizontally folded or will be clamshell-flipped.

Many claim that the upcoming foldable iPhones are set to rival Samsung’s foldable phones. Many Apple users also suggest that a foldable iPad is also on the way.

Display analyst Ross Young has suggested that foldable iPhones may be released by the end of this year. 

Haitong International Securities analyst Jeff Pu has suggested that Apple will launch its 20.3-inch device in 2025, followed by an iPhone Fold or iPhone Flip in the tail-end of 2026.

Furthermore, Pu says that the first foldable will be a “new line-up for Apple” aimed squarely at the “ultra-high-end market.”

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