12-year-old shooter in Finland kills 1, injures 2 in school

12-year-old shooter in Finland kills 1 injures 2 other in school

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Authorities in Finland said Tuesday that a 12-year-old shooter opened fire in a classroom at Viertola school in Vantaa — north of Helsinki — killing at least one minor and critically injuring two others.

Police said that they detained the minor in the northern Siltamaki district of Helsinki at 09:58 who had fled the scene earlier after the shooting. 

Parents were quoted in the Finnish media as saying that they rushed to the scene within nine minutes and saw three victims.

Local police chief Tomi Salosyrja said that one of the victims immediately succumbed to the injuries in the school whereas two other victims were transported to a hospital in the capital.

Schools were reopened after the Easter holidays in Finland.

The suspect admitted to the shooting in school according to the police and recovered the firearm.

Officials have also commenced an investigation into the deadly shooting in a Finland school. 

As per the laws of the country, those under 15 are not criminally liable and will be handed to social services after the interrogation.

Prime Minister Petteri Orpo termed the shooting “deeply upsetting” and said it was evident that too many young people struggled with their mental health: “We have to be able to tackle these issues sooner.”

President Alexander Stubb spoke of his shock. A day of mourning will take place in Finland on Wednesday.

Education Minister Anna-Maja Henriksson was on the verge of tears when she told a news conference that what had happened was a great tragedy. Her thoughts were with the “12-year-old who will never come home from school again”.

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