A currency dealer counting UAE dirham in this file photo.

Why is Pakistan facing shortage of UAE dirham?

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A currency dealer counting UAE dirham in this file photo.

KARACHI: Following the United Arab Emirates (UAE) decision to make it mandatory for Pakistani travellers to declare 5,000 dirhams at the airport at the time of landing, the country’s open market is now facing a shortage of the dirham (AED).

According to a Daily Dawn report, Pakistan’s currency market was short of the AED due to the latest development that also increased the price of the US dollar in the open market.

After a long time, the open market is running short of US dollars, which increased the price compared to the interbank rate of the greenback.

President Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan (ECAP), Malik Bostan, told the publication that 21 flights from Pakistan land in Dubai each day, carrying a total of 4,200 Pakistanis per day which require about 21 million dirhams each day.

“The dirham is not available in the open market while the price has also gone up,” Bostan said, adding: “Those available foreign currencies are exported to Dubai to bring back an equal amount of US dollars.”

“Higher dirham demand, in fact, created a shortage of dollars.”

Bostan said a new regulation of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for all the passengers to declare cash and jewellery has added to this problem.

“Many people from the Middle East arrive with cash in riyals and dirhams. They also bring cash from their colleagues to directly hand over cash to their families in Pakistan. Now, no Pakistani can take this risk,” he said.

Due to these factors, the currency dealers said the arrival of foreign currencies in the open market has dropped by almost $3 million per day.

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