A doctor examining a child with a stethoscope. —  Pixabay/ Semevent

Traditional Chinese medicine more effective than standard drugs in children, study finds

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A doctor examining a child with a stethoscope. —  Pixabay/ Semevent

A new study reveals that traditional Chinese medicine may be more effective in children with respiratory infections than standard drugs.

Researchers analysed 351 children with respiratory infections between two and six years old and divided them into three groups. The first group received a traditional Chinese medicine, Yupineng, while the second group took a conventional drug to treat respiratory infections and the third received a placebo.

They found that Yupinfeng proved to be most beneficial, with three in four children showing positive results after receiving the treatment.

“The strength of our study lies in its rigorous design. It is the largest multicenter study to prove that YPF, a TCM, can be as effective as an allopathic drug in treating RRTIs. It is a major step forward in sharing the benefits of TCM with the world,” said study co-author Rong Ma in a media release.

Dr Julian Allen defends traditional Chinese medicine in Pediatric Investigation.

“Just because we don’t understand how a drug works, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. This well-designed RCT could be an important step in addressing western scepticism surrounding TCM and reaping the benefits of its holistic effects,” the associate editor of the journal concludes.

The findings were published in Pediatric Investigation.

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