A vendor can be seen selling fresh vegetables. — AFP/File

Traders seek permission for vegetable import from India

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A vendor can be seen selling fresh vegetables. — AFP/File

ISLAMABAD: In view of the skyrocketing prices of vegetables amid the ongoing floods and relentless monsoon rains across the country, the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) on Tuesday demanded of the government to give permission for vegetable import from neighbouring India through the Wagah border.

Talking to Geo News, LCCI President Nauman Kabir urged the government to grant permission to import vegetables from India to control its prices.

“The recent floods have destroyed crops of tomato, onion, potato and other vegetables across the country,” he said, adding that the crisis is expected to prevail for the next three months.

The vegetable crisis could further worsen in September, October and November, he added.

It will take a few days to transport vegetables from India to Pakistan via the Wagah border.

Grocery vendors charging exorbitant prices

The prices of vegetables skyrocketed as the grocery vendors are charging exorbitant prices from consumers amid the countrywide floods triggered by torrential rains.

The traders are making hefty profits at a time when the death toll from the relentless monsoon rains has exceeded the 1,100 mark and inflicting $10 billion loss on the country’s economy.

According to the details, tomato is being sold at Rs250 per kg in the market while its official price is 190 per kg. Similarly, the vendors are selling onion at Rs300 to Rs320 per kg while the commodity’s rate was fixed at 290 by the authorities.

Potatoes are being sold at Rs120 to 140 per kg instead of its official rate of Rs100 per kg. Ginger’s official rate is 360 per kg but it is available for Rs380 per kg in the market. Garlic is being sold at Rs250 per kg while its official rate is Rs200 per kg.

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