Fact check: This footage showing a cloudburst is not from Jamshoro

This footage showing a ‘cloudburst’ is not from Jamshoro

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Pakistan continues to receive torrential rains since the beginning of this year’s monsoon spell, resulting in catastrophes, deaths, and other unfortunate events across the country.

Disturbing images and footage of floods wreaking havoc in Pakistan have been shared, especially of Balochistan, which has recorded an official death toll of over 200.

The rains have not been merciful on Sindh either, with the province recording 385% more rain between July 1 and August 19 this year.

Amid the continuing heavy rains, Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman shared a video credited to Pakistan Meteorological Department claiming it shows a “cloudburst over Jamshoro”.

“Today on 19 Aug, 2022, we recorded the heaviest rainfall ever in one day all over Sindh, at 355 mm, setting a new record for rainfall in 24 hours […] Unprecedented storm Cloudburst over Jamshoro,” she wrote.

The minister’s tweet was viewed thousands of times.

Geo.tv found that this was not the case as the video is not from Pakistan, let alone Jamshoro.

The footage of the cloud formation is from Perth, Australia, and according to Kane Artie Photography, it isn’t even from 2022.

The photographer’s page said that the timelapse was from February 2020.

“This is just one of the shots from the storm Timelapse back in February 2020. When these microburst hit the ground, all the force has to go somewhere and it gets blasted outwards,” it said, referring to the formation as a microburst, not a cloudburst.

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