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Science has found a way to replace cow milk

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With people wanting to shift to a vegan diet and stop consuming animals, the dairy industry has to adapt to changes as well.

Science has finally found an alternative to cow milk by producing synthetic milk which has the same biochemical makeup as animal milk, reported ZME Science.

The milk is grown using a biotechnological technique called “precision fermentation” which develops biomass culture from cells.

The world is in dire need to choose sustainable options and reduce carbon footprints. Synthetic milk solves concerns like the emission of methane and animal welfare.

However, synthetic milk still has to overcome many challenges to become a viable alternative.

Milena Bojovic, PhD in Geography and Planning, in the School of Social Sciences at Macquarie University, Sydney, said that synthetic milk was not new. Quoting examples from Australia, she mentioned companies that were producing milk that was then later used to even make ice cream.

One company All G Foods even raised  A$25 million to speed up the production of synthetic milk and aims to make it cheaper than cow milk within seven years.

Also, a 2019 report showed that the US precision fermentation industry could also create a minimum of 700,000 jobs.

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