Screengrabs from viral video. — Twitter

PTI worker apologises for vowing to set Pakistan ablaze

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Screengrabs from viral video. — Twitter

PTI supporters have recently reacted strongly against the registration of a terror case against former prime minister Imran Khan for threatening police officials and a female magistrate, and his possible arrest.

Islamabad police on August 21 booked Imran Khan in a case under Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATC) over his threatening remarks during a public rally on August 20.

Reacting to it, PTI supporters took to the streets to stop the possible arrest of the party chair.

A video of a female PTI supporter from one of these protests has now gone viral where she is seen saying some harsh words for Pakistan.

“We have a lot of anger and [we] feel like setting the country ablaze as we don’t have any love for Pakistan right now because there are traitors,” the woman said.

When asked what PTI will do if Imran Khan gets arrested, the woman reiterated that they [PTI supporters] will shut all of Pakistan and set it on fire.

She said that they [government] brought the army and police in the matter of Imran Khan.

The video was merged with another clip, apparently recorded later, where the same woman is saying that she recently went to a protest when she received a call about Imran Khan’s possible arrest late at night .

“It is obvious that many wrong words come out in anger but I take those words back,” she apologised.

While referring to her earlier statement about setting the country ablaze, she said that she “didn’t mean that.”

“Everyone loves their country [Pakistan] that’s why we expect that our voice is heard,” she added.

Twitterati termed the video a “satisfactory software update.”

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