PTI chief Imran Khan stands alongside party members at the rally in Islamabads F-9 Park. — PTI/Instagram

PTI to file cases against Islamabad IG, DIG, magistrate for torture on Shahbaz Gill

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PTI chief Imran Khan stands alongside party members at the rally in Islamabad’s F-9 Park. — PTI/Instagram

ISLAMABAD: PTI chairperson Imran Khan on Saturday announced that his party would file cases against Islamabad’s Inspector General (IG) Dr Akbar Nasir Khan, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Awais Ahmed, and magistrate Zeba Chaudhry.

While addressing his party rally in Islamabad’s F-9 park — held to condemn the alleged torture on his chief of staff Shahbaz Gill, the PTI chief named and threatened the female magistrate who ordered Gill’s physical remand.

“IG, DIG Islamabad, we will not spare you! We will file cases against you” Khan threatened the police officials, announcing to file cases against them and the magistrate.

“Magistrate Zeba Chuadhry, we will not spare you too!” the former prime minister angrily said, alleging that Chaudhry knew that Shahbaz’s was tortured and yet ordered his remand.

“I respectfully tell the Supreme Court that it is their job to implement rule of law,” Khan stated, requesting the top court to look in to Gill’s situation during his custody.

When talking about Gill’s seditious comments for which he is being tried, Khan claimed that Nawaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari, and Fazal-ur-Rehman have spoken more than what his fellow party members has said.

Khan further added that if a case can be filed against Gill, then his party will also approach the court against PML-N’s supremo, JUI-F’s president, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, and Defence Minister Khwaja Asif.

“The way Shahbaz Gill has been picked up, tortured, and treated is similar to the manner in which a big traitor is treated,” Khan said, adding that if they can treat Gill this way, they can do the same with others as well.

“They are trying to intimidate us by torturing Gill,” PTI chief remarked.

The former PM, during his address, also recalled the events of May 25 — the day his party had taken to the streets in the federal capital.

“We will not forget how children and women were shelled at on May 25,” he said, adding that fear was instilled among peaceful protestors by employing terror.

Addressing the crowd at the rally, Khan declared that his party will not accept the ‘group of thieves’.

“This is a time when we cannot afford to bow down to idols of fear, else we will be destroyed,” Khan said, deeming that the alleged abuse inflicted on Gill was to turn PTI and its supporters into slaves.

He compared the current situation of Pakistan with the era of Pharoah and Changez Khan where people were threatened through torture and turned into slaves.

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