Special Assistant to Prime Minister Attaullah Tarar. Photo: file

Police raid PM’s aide Attaullah Tarar’s house in Lahore

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Special Assistant to Prime Minister Attaullah Tarar. Photo: file  

LAHORE:  The Punjab Police conducted a raid on the residence of Special Assistant to Prime Minister Attaullah Tarar in Lahore, it emerged on Saturday morning.

Confirming the raid, the Lahore police said that Attaullah Tarar, however, was not present at his residence.

Reacting to the development, the PML-N leader criticised Punjab Home Minister Hashim Dogar and asked not to cross the line in defence of the “anti-state narrative”.

“Hashim Dogar Sahib! you have turned out to be a very unserious character,” he added.

“What do you want to prove by sending the police to a house where I lived 15 years ago?” 

The police, however, did not share details why the raid was conducted.

The PTI  leaders had earlier announced that the Punjab government will launch an inquiry and probe the May 25 “crackdown” on Azadi March participants. A committee was also formed by the party to oversee the matter.

‘Law awaiting you’

In a statement, Punjab Home Minister Hashim Dogar asked Attaullah Tarar to present himself before the police, adding that law is awaiting him.

The police went to Tarar’s house to deliver a notice, clarified the home minister.

Tarar should present himself before the Lahore police if he understands the power of law, warned Dogar.

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