Batmans character Harvey Dent (l). Kitten born with two faces (r). — FPJ, KSPR

Meet Harvey, the two-faced kitten named after Batman character Harvey Dent

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Batman’s character Harvey Dent (l). Kitten born with two faces (r). — FPJ, KSPR

A kitten was born with two faces in Arkansas in the United States, reported The Metro.

It is a rare genetic condition, craniofacial duplication, which can sometimes occur in cats causing their facial features to be duplicated.

Ariel Contras, the cat mom, told the media that she was shocked to see her cat’s unique kitten.

She said she was doing laundry when suddenly her cat started meowing and giving birth.

“I started yelling for my husband,” she told KY3.

The second baby that the cat delivered had two heads.

“Honey, it has two heads,” the husband told her to which Ariel responded with shock.

The condition is commonly called Janus, after the Roman god who had two faces. However, Ariel chose a name inspired by a Batman movie.

She is calling the kitten Harvey after Batman’s antagonist Harvey Dent who ended up with two faces.

Unfortunately, most kittens with Janus do not live very long. While the exact cause is unknown, scientists believe it could be due a protein called Sonic Hedgehog.

An expert, however, has faith in Harvey. Dr Tim Addis, the cats’ veterinarian, said that the odds of the two-faced cat living are “as good as its siblings” because it does not have an extra skull.

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