Actress Sidra Niazi (L) and PTI Chairman Imran Khan (R). Photo: file

Is actress Sidra Niazi relative of Imran Khan?

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Actress Sidra Niazi (L) and PTI Chairman Imran Khan (R). Photo: file   

KARACHI: Reacting to the rumours circulating on social media claiming that Sidra Niazi is a close relative of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, the eminent TV actress says that she was born in Lahore and belongs to the Niazi tribe.

In an interview, Sidra said, “Niazi is not a big tribe and members of the clan are connected with each other.” She said that they have family terms with Imran Khan but people of her generation are not familiar with him.

“My father and uncle know him [Imran Khan],” she added.

Recalling her memories, Sidra Niazi said that when she was a child and her grandmother was alive, Imran Khan used to visit her house.

“My uncle was a columnist, hence, Imran Khan used to meet him,” the actress added.

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