Crop kid weighing on scale.— Pexel

Internet cannot stop laughing at this prohibited foods’ list for weight loss

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Crop kid weighing on scale.— Pexel

A list of foods shared by a Reddit user, that he had received from a doctor in order to lose weight has left social media users in splits.

While dietitians and nutritionists help people choose right kinds of meals to gain or lose weight, this particular Reddit user received rather outrageous advice.

The guide features a long list of prohibited foot items for weight loss, many seeming unnecessary.

The post was captioned: “Doctor gave a list of things not to eat to lose weight/maintain good health. It gets worse as the list progresses.”

Since being published, the post has garnered over 60,000 upvotes and  12,000 comments. 

The list is begins by stating “Diet to be followed”.

While the start of the list makes sense by prohibiting red meat and carb-rich sea food, it begins to disallow even vegetables like lettuce and cucumber.

It then goes on to ask the person to avoid food stored in fridge or heated in microwave oven.

“Are you sure you went to a real doctor?” asked a user.

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