The picture shows a man saving a dog stuck in a sinkhole. — Screengrab/Twitter

Heart-warming videos of animal rescue amid floods shows best of humanity

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The picture shows a man saving a dog stuck in a sinkhole. — Screengrab/Twitter

As Pakistan suffers from rain-induced flash floods apart from people, animals were also waiting to be rescued. 

In a thread shared on Twitter, upsetting and heartwarming videos show animals being stuck hopelessly while people come to their rescue which shows humanity prevailing in these hard times. 

In this video, a man could be seen climbing down in a sinkhole to save a stray dog. The man goes down with a cloth tied around him and brings the dog with him while others pull him up. 

In another video, a man named Ayaz saved a cat that was stuck in a flooded village in Thatta. 

“Ayaz shared that he had saved dogs and cats animals from flooded villages and then they were living with them in camp,” read the Twitter post. 

Another video shared by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Rescue 1122 shows a rescue worker saving a cat. 

The worker saves the cat while hanging on a rope and passing through a heavy flood water, risking his life. 

In Charsadda, a dog shelter was submerged due to heavy flooding, killing almost 40-50 animals. 

However, the rest were taken to a safe place and some of them were injured. The dogs were moved to another place on a boat and are being treated there. 

In another video that emerged on social media, some men on a boat could be seen feeding stray dogs who were stranded on a building. 

The video shows a person throwing food over to the dogs stranded in a building surrounded by flood water. 

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