Zubair Anjum, the executive producer of Geo News. Geo News/File

Geo News producer Zubair Anjum returns home safely

by Pakistan News
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Zubair Anjum, the executive producer of Geo News. Geo News/File

Zubair Anjum, an executive producer at Geo News, has returned home according to his brother, Wajahat Anjum. Wajahat also confirmed that Zubair is in good health.

It is important to mention that yesterday, family members of Zubair Anjum reported he was picked up by police officers from his residence in Karachi’s Model Colony area, his family confirmed on Tuesday.

Wajahat said police and plainclothes personnel entered their home wielding firearms, while family members were also manhandled during the episode. The motive behind the arrest, however, remains unknown.

“They asked for Zubair bhai and took him away at gunpoint. They also took along his mobile phone,” he said, explaining the incident.

He also said that the personnel also took away the digital video recorder (DVR) of the CCTV installed in Anjum’s neighbourhood.

Detailing the incident with reporters, Anjum’s brother said: “The police did not give any reason for the arrest. They did not even let him wear his slippers. We repeatedly kept asking what the matter was.”

He added that some personnel were in uniform and others were masked, except for one. “They all had TT pistols in their hands,” Wajahat said.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) and the Association of Electronic Media Editors and News Directors (AEMEND) have both called for the prompt and safe release of Zubair Anjum.

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